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‚ÄčWe've Moved!

We recently moved to our new location at 425 S. Cherry St. Ste #100. We are currently accepting new patients. 

Hakala Family Dentistry is an established family practice committed to ethical, quality care for our patients. Our goal is to create an environment of comfort and trust so we can help our patients choose the treatment that best suits their needs.

We practice minimally invasive dentistry--this is done with the use of radiographs, examinations, and the Diagnodent Caries Detector, which monitors the patient's overall cavity rate. This helps us determine if small cavities should be filled, or just observed and treated with remineralization products such as fluoride and MI paste.

All phases of implant care, including placement of the implant and restoring crowns, is available at a cost much less than most specialists charge!

Dental 911 Patients

Dental 911 is no longer operational, and we are welcoming all Dental 911 patients at Hakala Family Dentistry. To obtain your patient records from Dental 911, please call 303-393-9911.

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