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How can we help you?

Many people are anxious about going to the dentist, have questions about what to expect at their visit, and how much it will cost. At Hakala Family Dentistry, our team is happy to provide answers about treatment options, costs, and insurance benefits. Let us know what concerns you have.


Yes, in fact, we are preferred providers for Delta Dental, which means that our patients receive discounted fees, based on the Delta fee schedule. This applies to Delta Dental of Colorado and of all other states, such as Delta Dental of Minnesota and Delta Dental of Wisconsin and Arkansas, because the Delta system is connected nationally. We feel that Delta’s customer service and relative transparency make it worthwhile to be Delta Dental PPO providers. We also work with specialist dentists who are in the Delta PPO network.

With your insurance information, we are able to log into the Delta computer system and print out your particular policy information in minutes. This is very beneficial because each and every Delta Dental plan is a bit different, depending on what the sponsor of the plan wants to have covered. When possible, we submit planned dental treatment for “pre-determination” so that a patient knows approximately what will be covered by Delta Dental.

Of course, as long as the insurances are traditional, meaning that the patients can be seen by any dentist. While we may not be “in-network” with your particular plan, most plans will pay approximately the same amount for our treatment. If patients are participating in a “DMO” program, which means that they are assigned to one specific dentist – that insurance plan will not pay for treatment at our office.

We know that this can be terribly confusing, but we can look at any dental insurance plan and let you know what it covers. We also can send in “pre-authorization” or “pre-determination” requests to insurance plans to get estimated coverage in writing from the insurance. Please call us to find out if your dental insurance can be used at our office. 

YES!  We can offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax during your dental visit.

For your convenience, we accept CareCredit financing and can provide zero percent payment plans through this company. Because we specialize in dentistry and not financing, we would rather pay a percentage to CareCredit to allow for our patients to use CareCredit at no extra charge for specific amounts over a defined period of time.

While this can make dental treatment plans affordable for patients by spreading out payments, we do caution that CareCredit has stiff penalties for missed payments. Financing agreements must be approached with caution.

Yes. While we no longer share space with Dental 911, which was open nights and weekends, we do still find time to see dental emergencies. Broken teeth, lost crowns, toothaches, and other urgent dental issues are treated during our regular office hours Tuesdays through Saturdays.

We do simple and difficult dental extractions when necessary, and can tell you if there are other options for treatment.  Call us if you have a dental emergency – we can help!

We do have an in-office loyalty plan called Illumisure. With this program, a monthly charge is debited from your bank account, then all of your cleanings, x-rays, and exams are free – even emergency exams. Any other dental care you might need is discounted to increase your savings. We are happy to discuss the program with you.

General Dentistry

Yes, we see patients of all ages, from 2 to 102. We recommend that the first visit be done when a parent is getting a tooth cleaning and checkup, then we can let the child watch and take a ride in the chair, then get a “prize” from our pirate’s treasure chest and a new toothbrush. We call this a “happy visit” and just try to get the child used to being at our office, without feeling scared.

We provide child cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and routine fillings. We monitor the growth patterns of our child patients and refer them to an orthodontist for a consultation if it appears that there are possible future problems. We are happy to say that we now see the children and grandchildren of some of our long-term patients!

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